Area Code 480 - Phoenix, AZ

Below is the information for Area Code 480
General Information for Area Code 480
Country United States
State/Province Arizona
Major City Phoenix
Time Zone Mountain (UTC-07:00)

Phone directory of numbers beginning with Area Code 480 Prefixes

Prefix Primary City County Phone Type
480-345 Tempe, AZ Maricopa Landline
480-346 Scottsdale, AZ Maricopa Landline
480-347 Phoenix, AZ Maricopa Landline
480-348 Phoenix, AZ Maricopa Landline
480-349 Phoenix, AZ Maricopa Cell Number
480-350 Phoenix, AZ Maricopa Landline
480-351 Phoenix, AZ Maricopa Cell Number
480-352 Phoenix, AZ Maricopa Cell Number
480-353 Mesa, AZ Maricopa Landline
480-354 Mesa, AZ Maricopa Landline
480-355 Phoenix, AZ Maricopa Landline
480-356 Phoenix, AZ Maricopa Cell Number
480-357 Mesa, AZ Maricopa Landline
480-358 Mesa, AZ Maricopa Landline
480-359 Phoenix, AZ Maricopa Cell Number
480-361 Phoenix, AZ Maricopa Landline
480-362 Phoenix, AZ Maricopa Landline
480-363 Phoenix, AZ Maricopa Cell Number
480-364 Phoenix, AZ Maricopa Cell Number
480-365 Phoenix, AZ Maricopa Landline
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Location Details

Area code is a type of numbering scheme used in telecommunication. It divides the territories of its member countries, the code is a three-digit code. The digits 0 and 1 applied for central office codes. Other digits were applied into geographic areas of the service territory.

  • 200: easily recognizable code (ERC)
  • 201: New Jersey
  • 202: Washington, D.C.
  • 203: Connecticut
  • and so on.

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